Different types of vegetarians


Vegans neither eat nor wear anything that may have come from animals, or any product that was as a result of animal cruelty. Veganism is a form of vegetarianism, and is perhaps the strictest.

Ovo –vegetarian

This kind of vegetarian is a person that chooses to consume eggs alone, but no dairy or any form of animal meat.


This vegetarian will consume only dairy products, which includes milk and cheese, but will have no eggs or any form of meat.


These vegetarians will allow themselves to eat only eggs and dairy products, but will not eat any animal flesh.


These vegetarians are a bit more flexible than the previously mentioned. They will eat eggs and dairy foods, and where meat is concerned, they will eat only fish.


These are perhaps the most flexible vegetarians of all, since they eat not only eggs and dairy, but also fish and chicken, but no other kinds of meat.