What is a Vegan?

Almost all of us have come across or heard of somebody who is vegan. A vegan is simply a person who chooses not to eat or use any products that came from any animal whatsoever (Vegetarians eat some animal products, such as dairy).

This is due to their strong beliefs in matters pertaining to animal cruelty and animal rights. It is a choice that someone makes out of their own volition to be vegan.

It can be said that Veganism is a somewhat stricter type of vegetarianism, because while vegetarians can eat food such as eggs and milk, vegans choose not to take anything that may have come from animals.

Vegans do not even wear /use animal products

As mentioned before, vegans prefer to have nothing to do with anything that may have resulted from animal cruelty. This therefore means that aside from eating food that comes from animals, vegans do not even wear clothing that may have come from animals, this therefore means no leather-made items, no fur, silk and even wool.

This may similarly include any product that may have been originally tested on animals such as soap or even drugs. This strong belief has in itself inspired many more people who are against animal cruelty to adopt veganism.

A vegan is against all forms of animal cruelty
Vegans are against all forms of animal cruelty

Vegan diets

Vegan diets consist of foods containing a lot of the proteins, vitamins and other food groups that may have previously been abundant in meat and dairy products. It takes some time but it is quite adaptable given the right amount of time, patience and a bit of open mindedness.

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