Vegan FAQ’s

If I become a vegan, will my health suffer?

No, your health will improve actually. A diet based on animal products is full of cholesterol and saturated fat. This can cause various health problems like heart diseases, stroke, cancer, diabetes, obesity, etc.

Does veganism make more sense to you now? You will not only lead a cruelty-free life, but also a healthy one. Try it out and you will notice the difference in no time!

What should I eat instead of meat?

You can eat everything you want like burgers, pizza, chili, chicken nuggets, fish sticks, but a vegan version without a trace of animals in it. Besides, there are thousands of new and exciting meals that you need to discover.

Becoming a vegan opens a whole new world of different tastes and flavors, yet you get to keep your favorite meals 🙂

What difference will I make in the world by not eating meat?

Eating meat actually contributes to the expansion of world hunger. We don’t have enough land for all the animals that should be grown to feed the entire world with meat.

Another problem is that we are wasting tones of food for feeding the animals. For example, we feed the cattle with tons of food. However, this food is not transformed into meat. Most of it is wasted on feces. Is this waste or what?

Meanwhile, entire nations are starving…

On the other hand, if we want to feed the entire world with quality meat like in rich Western countries, we need a space that is equal to four Earths. Cattle breeding is taking too much land already and needs enormous amounts of water every day.

Besides,  it causes deterioration of the rain forests, wildlife, and nature, all of which leads to pollution, acid rains and global warming.

Unfortunately, people are not aware of this problem. But there are millions of ways to stop it, just open your mind and give your own contribution to saving our planet. It’s the only one we have!

Will my friends will think I’m weird if I become a vegan?

If your friends want to declare you as weird, they will find dozens of reasons anyway. First of all, you have to be honest with yourself. Being a vegan is something you should be proud of. You don’t need to apologize for making that change in your life and taking that new lifestyle with a higher sense for your environment.

There is nothing strange in being against violence to other beings. On the contrary, it only shows that you are a person that uses his own brain and heart. People have prejudices about a  lot of things… why should Veganism be any different?

Talk to your family and friends and explain what your goals are. Spread the idea of a non-violent world 🙂