A Definition of Animal Rights

Animals have rights to be free and to be treated with respect. Regardless of the potential benefits that people take for granted, violation of this law is not morally justified. According to animal rights advocates, it is wrong to treat animals as objects for the same reason as humans.

The movement that supports animal rights is equal to the protection of animal rights. The followers of this philosophy are basically against killing or any other torture of animals for food, clothing, entertainment or scientific research. This philosophy is also against all people and industries included in that.

The term „animal rights“ is often misunderstood by the mainstream media as a synonym for any form of protection of animals, while in fact it has a very specific meaning. Misuse of the term can be compared with any kind of social work against the practice of human rights.

Animal Welfare

Using animals for profit includes captivity, social deprivation, mutilation, cruel treatment and premature death. For example, if a human does this to another human for a profit, then the victim has its own rights.  The situation is not different when people kill animals for profit while still claiming that they are concerned about their welfare.

Abolition of Animal Exploitation

Abolition is the term that is associated with social justice an a complete elimination of all forms of oppression, slavery and exploitation.

For example, before the Civil War in the United States, there were two sides with a different opinion about slavery. On one side there were advocates of the abolition of human slavery while on other there were those who were against treating  humans as slaves.

In the context of animal rights, there is a similar distinction between those who are against the animal exploitation and those who want the laws that will prescribe so-called ”humane” approach to this exploitation for the sake of profit.

Just like in the case of human slavery, some believe that being against it is the best for the future of the planet while others believe in predisposition over using animals, causing their death.

Donald Watson, a co – founder of Vegan Movement during the 40s was the first known person that stood up against animal violence. He considered animal farming for profit is unfair. Watson said that current society was based on the exploitation of animals as well as the last civilization on the exploitation of slaves.

Marketing of so called „Happy animals“

Idyllic life on green pastures and blue sky is something that we can see on any pack of milk for example. Usually, those images are followed with slogans like  „cruelty-free“, „grown in the suburbs“,“eco“, „organic“ or „friendly to animals.“

Modern food industries are working on the creation of a perfect picture in consumers eye. „Happy animals“ are often displayed on the packages. Unfortunately, people would be horrified and shocked if they could see what’s behind the curtains – a misery and suffering.