Higher goals, less cruelty towards animals

Cruelty and horrors that people inflict on animals exceed even the horror that they do to themselves. Animals can’t escape from us or fight back for their freedom. They are completely vulnerable and exposed to the grace of our human species.

Many animal rights activists are emphasizing this vulnerability of animals in front of all other forms of suffering in the world. Being vegan means doing everything you can to finally end the suffering.

In general, that is their mission. Basically, this means giving the opportunity for life to those creatures that are in greatest need, or at least to changing the views of mankind about this problem.

However, you have to understand that this opportunity doesn’t mean that animals need us to survive. The real question is do we need to take somebody’s life to survive?

The animals we breed for food, fur, skin, and other horrible purposes, don’t have any other option. The only option is the one we create for them. And being selfish as we are, we give them an option of lifetime suffering and terror. The number of people aware of this suffering is very discouraging.

Universal law is that we need each others as a support and encouragement. Every living being has its own purpose in this world and deserves freedom and life on Earth.

All humans can feel in their hearts what is the right thing to do. However, we often choose easier choices. Fear of commitments and change usually wins even when we see the real picture.

Every single day, we have the choice to do the right or wrong, or even nothing.  Be the one who chooses to do right things for the benefits of mankind and this planet! Be the one with higher goals!

Animals need us, that’s for sure. Try your best and be the one who will stand up and save someone’s life. Just as you have the opportunity to live, give that chance to animals. We are destroying this planet every day in many ways. It is not easy to stand up against huge corporations, factories, etc.

But, you as an individual can do a lot. Saving one life is priceless.  Make a right choice in a world full of apathy and insensitivity. Look into your heart and make a difference. A change.

Spread your arms and heart and embrace your animal brothers and sisters. The first step in changing your life is in the perspective and deeper research.  It starts in your head, in your mind.

Think about the hidden shelters, farms, laboratories

It is never too late to start over. Take new way of life, personal growth and change for the sake of mankind.

Be proud of yourself and go!