Animal testing – they live, they suffer, and they finally die

Stop animal testing -

Animal testing is just one of the ways we show our ruthless nature towards these magnificent creatures. Millions of these poor souls are used for experiments every single day.

Why do we use animals for testing?

Animals used for testing live, suffer, and they finally die in conditions you can’t possibly imagine even in your worst nightmares. And for what? To potentially prove the harm or benefit of our selfish  lifestyle?

A ridiculous thing about this horrific practice is the fact that the animal testing results are not even the valid evidence because in most cases some chemical substances that are harmful to people are not harmful to the animals, and vice versa. Yet, we simply don’t care, and we continue to torture and make life a living hell to these creatures.

Unfortunately, it’s just the way we are. Our superiority and arrogance have become a pure evil and it made us close our eyes to the horrors that are happening behind the closed doors of the laboratories, with the justification of an absurd thesis that someone’s life is worth less – not only less than our own life but even less than our idiotic habits.

Animal testing is evil, sadistic and unjustified

Animal testing is wrong! Rabbits, guinea pigs, rats and other small animals are used for safety products tests; they are poisoned with cosmetics and cleaning products. The most common reactions are twitching, vomiting, paralysis and various types of bleeding – from the nose, eyes and mouth.

Gentle angora rabbits are used for testing of acids – in a sadistic way where the acid is poured into their eyes which cause terrible pain and scary screams. The final result is bleeding, damaged cornea, and blindness.

When the skin irritation is tested, a concentrated chemical is applied to the shaved back of the animal and stays like that for a couple of days.

And all of this torture for what? So that we can look better? So that we can be healthier? No! As we said before, these tests are ridiculous and they are not a valid evidence that these products are harmful to people.

Some might think that this is the only way for some ridiculous marketing tricks. But it is not! There is always an alternative. There are so many companies that sell cruelty-free products. In the 21st century, we have developed a lot of efficient and humane laboratory tests.

Animals don’t exist to be an instrument for spreading our own evil. Yet they have become so. We use them, we torture them, we kill them – without any remorse or even the smallest amount of some human emotions.

Let’s stop animal testing!

Animals don’t smoke, yet they are forced to inhale the enormous amounts of smoke just to prove us that the cigarettes are harmful.

They don’t drink alcohol, yet rats have been forced into the states of alcoholism for decades.

They are not aggressive, yet they are exposed to electric shocks just to make them angry and kill each other.

They don’t use weapons, yet they are targets of weapon testing. The list of testing, unfortunately, goes on as our evil habits are endless.

These cruel experiments cause more pain than we can possibly imagine and we should put an end to it!