Top Vegan Appetizers

It is well known that a good appetizer should be delicious enough that it almost preludes the main course that is to come. For an all vegan meal however, it can be quite a challenge to create vegan appetizers that will not disappoint.

Luckily there are so many vegan appetizer recipes out there that you could try, and there are so many more to come. Here are some vegan appetizers that many will love.

Vegan Spring Rolls

Pick your choice of vegetables, fry them and roll them up in rice paper. You can then choose to sauté them in vegetable oil, or you can go the fresh way and opt not to include any heat in the spring rolls.

Fillings include carrots, cucumbers, onions, garlic and so on. The choice is mostly yours.


Tofu is a very popular among vegans because of its versatility, which extends all the way to appetizers as well. You can make tofu dips that can include your favorite spices and accompany them with chips or fries.

You can also make tofu bites that can be bakes or fried in vegetable oil.

Onion rings and dipping sauce

Onion rings are a very tasty appetizer that is very popular and very easy to prepare. Just chop up some onion rings and

Dip them in a coating paste made of your favorite spices and a bit of flour and sauté them in vegetable oil. Once they are nice and crispy, serve them with any dipping sauce you may want.

Vegan Appetizers - Onion RingsEnjoy this selection of vegan appetizers, and be sure we will add some more!

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