The pros and cons of a vegetarian diet

Vegetarian diets are quickly becoming popular all over the world, but before you decide to turn to this diet, it is important to know the benefits as well as the disadvantages of a vegetarian diet.

Pros of a vegetarian diet

It could make you healthier

A vegetarian diet will go a very long way in reducing the risks of heart disease, type-2 diabetes and even high cholesterol.

This is because vegetarian diets are rich in nutrients that are great for the body such as good cholesterol and omega 3. This will make sure that you live a longer life.

It helps you keep fit

If you are perhaps trying to lose some weight, then a vegetarian diet could be just what you need to accomplish this. Studies have shown that some vegetarian diets that are high in fiber leave you feeling satisfied for longer, ensuring that you do not snack unnecessarily and gain excess weight.

Tomatoes don’t scream

It’s true that plants are also live beings and perhaps can feel pain, but tomatoes don’t scream in pain when you eat them. Jokes aside, there is little or no cruelty in eating plant-based foods compared to killing and eating animal products.

Con’s of a vegetarian diet

You may have to overcompensate for the same nutrients

Research has proven without a doubt that vegetarians need to eat more to get the same amount of nutrients that non-vegetarians get.

This is because meat originally comes from plant eaters, so the concentration of compounds like proteins and minerals is higher than if it came from the plants themselves.

Vegetarian meals are relatively unexplored

Humans have been eating meat longer than vegetarians have been eating plants. This means that vegetarian diets are not very well explored and some recipes may not always taste so good.

It is possible to make something good though, with a bit of research.

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