Sopa cremosa de legumes @Paraty, Brazil

Nice ambiance and good food: spicy cream soup in the beautiful pirate-town of Paraty, at Bendita’s Restaurante from the historic center. Continue reading “Sopa cremosa de legumes @Paraty, Brazil”

Sopa de Estaçao @Paraty, Brazil

Well, who would have though you can eat a good vegan soup in a bookstore? Continue reading “Sopa de Estaçao @Paraty, Brazil”

Caldo verde con anise @ Miraflores, Lima, Peru

Vegetarian green soup with potatoes and anise (portuguese fusion recipe)
@ Bioleben / Casa Naturista Vegaia
Miraflores, Lima, Peru


Quinoa soup @ Ollantaytambo, Peru

Sopa de quinua
Inka Travel Restaurant
@ Ollantaytambo, Peru Continue reading “Quinoa soup @ Ollantaytambo, Peru”

Vegetable soup @ Lima, Peru

Sopa de verduras
Tropicana Restaurant
@ Miraflores, Lima, Peru Continue reading “Vegetable soup @ Lima, Peru”

Vegan soups that you will love

Vegan soups are quite possibly the most unique soups that there are out there. This could be because since there isn’t as much meat or dairy in existence compared to fruits and vegetables.

Whatever the reason, vegans have truly outdone themselves in the soup department by just swapping out the butter for vegetable oil.

Pumpkin (vegan) soup

Pumpkins are delicious when they are made into soups. There are so many variations of pumpkin soup including pumpkin and basil soup to pumpkin with vegan chocolate shavings for that extra sweetness.

The method is simple, simply first cooking up the pumpkin as you may wish, and popping the mixture in a blender or a processor to make the soup.pumpkin-soup-vegan-recipe-veglibrary

Carrot soup

Carrot soup basically comes from cooked carrot that has been pureed or simply a soup base like potatoes that comes with carrot chunks in it. It can be a delicious appetizer with basil garnishing.

Vegan Soup - Carrot

Asparagus soup

Asparagus is a very popular vegan delight most especially because asparagus soup is simply creamy and delicious. Variations include asparagus and tomato soup, asparagus and potato soup and the very popular cream of asparagus soup.


Mushroom soup

Mushrooms are very delicious ingredients in many vegan soups because of their strong earthy flavor. This is why popular variations such as cream of mushroom soup and mushroom cauliflower soup have won the hearts of many vegans and non-vegan foodies alike.


These are simple and easy to prepare vegan soup recipes that can be made from the comfort of our homes.