Fresh Summer Salad – Vegetarian Recipe

The fresh summer salad is good for anyone, vegetarian or not. Try it! Continue reading “Fresh Summer Salad – Vegetarian Recipe”

Moroccan Apricot Rice – Vegan Recipe

No wonder this Moroccan Apricot Rice is finger-licking good: salty-sweet-spicy! Continue reading “Moroccan Apricot Rice – Vegan Recipe”

Brussels Sprouts in Coconut Gravy – Vegan Recipe

Rich taste, easy method: Brussel sprouts in coconut gravy. Enjoy it for lunch or dinner. Continue reading “Brussels Sprouts in Coconut Gravy – Vegan Recipe”

Sweet Pumpkin Cream Soup – Vegan Recipe

This green sweet pumpkin cream soup is a pleasure to the eye and to the belly 🙂 Continue reading “Sweet Pumpkin Cream Soup – Vegan Recipe”

Pressure Cooker Beans Tagine – Vegan Recipe

Moroccan style stew, with a modern twist: try our pressure cooker beans tajine, a vegan recipe for the hungry 🙂 Continue reading “Pressure Cooker Beans Tagine – Vegan Recipe”

Grilled Vegetables Platter – Vegan Recipe

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Goat’s Cheese Salad – Vegetarian Recipe

Thinking of Greece this summer? Try the Goat’s Cheese Salad and taste Greece at home. Continue reading “Goat’s Cheese Salad – Vegetarian Recipe”

Soy Burgers – Vegan Recipe

Soy Burgers - Vegan Recipe -
Continue reading “Soy Burgers – Vegan Recipe”

Veggie Goulash – Vegan Recipe

Veggie Goulash - Vegan Recipe

This is a delicious Hungarian classic, but with a meatless approach. Our veggie goulash is a main dish recipe that vegans will love! Continue reading “Veggie Goulash – Vegan Recipe”

Hot Mexican Wraps – Vegan Recipe

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