Cancha salada y Chicha morada @ Barranco, Lima, Peru

Fried unpopped corn (Cancha salada or Maiz tostado) and Purple Corn soft drink (Chicha morada), typical peruvian vegan snack combo 🙂

@Barranco, Lima, Peru, a random local family restaurant. Continue reading “Cancha salada y Chicha morada @ Barranco, Lima, Peru”

Greek Yogurt Salad – Vegetarian Recipe

greek-yogurt-salad-vegetarian-recipe-veglibraryThis eye-pleasing creamy salad will be the talk of a day when you make it. The best part about this mixture is that you can easily find the ingredients in the fridge. Cut, mix, serve. As simple as that! Continue reading “Greek Yogurt Salad – Vegetarian Recipe”