Homemade Romanian Vegetable Soup @ Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica

Ciorba de legume (in Romanian) is a vegan sour soup, homemade with various vegetables in Costa Rica (maybe first “ciorba” to be cooked in Puerto Viejo in the kitchen of hostel Playa 506). Delicious and healthy lunch 🙂 Continue reading “Homemade Romanian Vegetable Soup @ Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica”

Vegetable soup @ Lima, Peru

Sopa de verduras
Tropicana Restaurant
@ Miraflores, Lima, Peru Continue reading “Vegetable soup @ Lima, Peru”

Creamy Button Mushrooms Soup – Vegetarian Recipe

At veglibrary.com we just love soups and mushrooms. This vegetarian creamy button mushroom soup recipe is excellent 🙂 Continue reading “Creamy Button Mushrooms Soup – Vegetarian Recipe”

Pressure Cooker Beans Tagine – Vegan Recipe

Moroccan style stew, with a modern twist: try our pressure cooker beans tajine, a vegan recipe for the hungry 🙂 Continue reading “Pressure Cooker Beans Tagine – Vegan Recipe”

Bean Salad Vegan Recipe

This hearty bean salad is packed with taste and protein. Continue reading “Bean Salad Vegan Recipe”