Homemade Milky Spinach Stew – Vegetarian Recipe

A favorite of Popeye’s and ours, the homemade milky spinach stew is a vegetarian lunch to packed with Iron and Calcium. Continue reading “Homemade Milky Spinach Stew – Vegetarian Recipe”

Quinoa salad with apple, spinach and goat cheese @ M60, Bucharest, Romania

Located in Bucharest’s city center, the M60 Cafe is a very cozy place to eat, have a meeting or work remotely. The menu features some vegetarian options, and this salad is a good starter (or lunch if you’re not that hungry).

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The salad is tasty, light and the atmosphere is nice.

More details about M60 Bucharest.

Altamura – Vegetarian Stew @ Lente Restaurant, Bucharest, Romania

Lunch in Bucharest: Continue reading “Altamura – Vegetarian Stew @ Lente Restaurant, Bucharest, Romania”