Steamed Yellow Beans with Garlic and Pepper – Vegan Recipe

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This is a wolf-approved vegan lunch recipe and it’s easy to make: Wash the fresh yellow beans and cut the tips (if you use frozen beans they don’t need any preparation). About 2 handfuls of yellow beans should be enough for 1 person. Drain.

Boil/steam the yellow wax beans until they become softer (taste one to check if you like the texture – be careful, it’s hot).

Prepare a sauce from freshly crushed garlic:  (1-2 cloves for 4 portions or as much as you like) well mixed up with a bit of salt; add some 5 tbsp olive (or sunflower) oil and mix some more. Add 1/2 cup of vinegar, 2 tbs sparkling water and mix again

Put the drained yellow beans into a bowl and drizzle the garlic sauce; toss it so that all the beans are nice and shiny, covered in the flavored oil. Cover it. Let it rest for 30 minutes (or eat it straight away, but the taste is better after a while).

PS Even wild wolves like this dish!

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