Easy to make Vegetarian Dishes

colorful veggie salad @ cartagena, colombia - veglibrary - vegetarian_meals

Vegetarian dishes look good and taste good! Sometimes they are easy to find in restaurants, but when it is difficult, you can make some from the comfort of your home – the great thing about some of these recipes is that they are very easy to make!

Pumpkin soup

Pumpkin soup can be a great appetizer or an amazing main dish when accompanied by some fresh buns. Just prepare some onions, garlic, a bit if cayenne pepper and tomatoes in vegetable oil.

Add some pre-boiled pumpkin and let the mixture simmer before popping it all into the blender to make this creamy soup.

Feeling wild? Try a pumpkin and basil soup with mint or chocolate shavings – just add some basil or mint and chocolate shavings to garnish.

Or just go classic with this green Sweet pumpkin soup recipe:

pumpkin soup vegan recipe veglibrary

Add some anise for a more exotic flavor, like this soup from Colombia:vegetable cream soup: pumpkin, manioc, anise @ cartagena, colombia - veglibrary.comQuinoa, anyone? Amazing Peruvian veggie soup, amazing landscape too:sopa de quinoa - ollantaytambo-peru - veglibrary.comVegetables and beetroot sauce salad

All colors in the world

colorful veggie salad @ cartagena, colombia - veglibrary - vegetarian_meals

Carrot, lettuce and avocado salad

Grate some carrots and chop up some lettuce. Add a little sugar and squeeze some fresh lemon juice into it. Mix it up and finish the mixture with toppings of cut up avocados. It will be a delicious salad that can be an excellent side dish.

Vegetarian stir fry

Pick any of your favorite vegetables and pop them into the frying pan with very little oil. Let it dry up and you have your vegetarian stir fry for your lunch, dinner or just simply a snack that you could have in the course of the day.

Vegan Wok Mix Recipe
Vegan Wok Mix Recipe

Butternut squash casserole

There are many ways to make a casserole, but a butternut squash casserole is one that is very popular with vegetarians everywhere, It is a tasty treat that could leave mouths watering.

We hope you will enjoy cooking and eating these vegetarian dishes!

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