Cilantro Veggie Omelette w/ Arepa @La Boquilla, Colombia

Cilantro omelette with vegetables and arepa @ Cartagena, Colombia

While visiting Colombia, you cannot escape Arepas…and what a sweet surrender (salty actually) 🙂

The Cilantro (Coriander) Veggie Omelette was a perfect beach bar breakfast. The bar and restaurant Posada Kalea is in a tiny kitesurfing village called La Boquilla, located near Cartagena, Colombia. I love Cilantro!Cilantro Veggie Omelette w: Arepa @ Posada Kalea, La Boquilla, Colombia .jpgCilantro Veggie Posada Kalea, La Boquilla, Colombia .jpg.JPG

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